Nolan Smith

I’d love to grow my hair long one day, just for the sake of it, as in grow it super long. The other day I saw this hippie with crazy long hair and as much as I may detest those hippies and their fake “peace out bro” attitude, the guy had some awesome long hair. Never had my hair beyond shoulder length so I’m thinking waist length, it should be a fun ride I guess. Or hope at least. Not sure, really.

Having said that, I’ve always been into military haircuts¬†(go here for military haircuts) and undercuts (go here for undercut hairstyles). It’s just I find it fascinating the neat short men’s hair that is straight out of a war movie or something! I’m very much into the Jimmy Darmody undercut hairstyle and my hair is at that length currently which is why I’m just considering whether to continue growing the hair eventually to long length or just keep my military haircut, even get a nice military high and tight haircut instead!

jimmy darmody hair

Anyway, I’ll be getting back to y’all some time soon on how my hair grows long, I’ve got some hectic schedule these days, hopefully the long hair and work can pan out too!